A New Method for Video Parsing of Uncompressed Digital Video Streams

  • H. I. Eskikurt Sakarya University
  • B. Boru Sakarya University


Today, the use of digital videos instead of analog ones has become much popular due to their easy recordability and low-cost storage. Hence, huge amount of digital video archives have come about. The meaningful search in a video has been an important demand in order to fast access the video database. While the standard picture and text searching methods cannot be used in a digital video, the video indexing has become a popular interest, and lots of researches have been done in this field. In this study, an implementation of a new video parsing algorithm design for uncompressed videos is presented. Through the investigation of the parsing algorithms in the existing literature, lacks of these algorithms were defined and a new method for achieving high performance was proposed. It is determined that the proposed method is much better than the other algorithms considering the computational overhead and the performance. Ill. 8, bibl.12, tabl. 2 (in English; abstracts in English and Lithuanian).