Monometallic Textile Electrodes for “Green” Batteries

  • L. Vojtech Czech Technical University in Prague
  • J. Hajek Czech Technical University in Prague
  • M. Neruda Czech Technical University in Prague
  • M. Zatloukal Brno University of Technology
Keywords: Batteries, electrochemical devices, electrodes, textiles


Global trends in the development of modern electrical devices include also eco-friendly demands. One of the areas is seen in environmentally friendly batteries (electrochemical power sources) which do not contain poisonous and heavy metals. Modern structures based on coated textile materials are an alternative to the current all-metal electrodes. The use of environmentally friendly metals often entails the necessity to apply multiple layers of metals, which negatively affects the lifetime of the electrodes and battery cells. Accordingly, this paper focuses on the design and manufacture of monometallic textile electrodes for "green" batteries, i.e. the use of ecological technologies for eco-friendly electronics, especially the new-generation electrochemical power sources. The proposed technological processes were verified by realization of specimens and measurement in laboratory conditions with good results. Industrially applicable technologies were used for applying a thick monometallic deposit to create the specimens. This will allow future mass production and deployment in electrical engineering applications.


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Vojtech, L., Hajek, J., Neruda, M., & Zatloukal, M. (2014). Monometallic Textile Electrodes for “Green” Batteries. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 20(9), 25-28.