Grounded Voltage Controlled Positive Resistor with Ultra Low Power Consumption

  • E. Yuce Pamukkale University
  • S. Minaei Dogus University
  • N. Herencsar Brno University of Technology
Keywords: CMOS, grounded voltage controlled positive resistor, GVCPR, low power dissipation, low voltage circuit, low transistor count circuit, Figure of Merit


In this work, a new CMOS based grounded voltage controlled positive resistor (GVCPR) with one control voltage is proposed. The proposed GVCPR employs only five CMOS transistors, one operated in triode region and others operated in saturation region or OFF. One of the main properties of the proposed GVCPR is its ultra low power consumption; however, a single active component matching condition is needed. A number of SPICE simulation results using IBM 0.13 μm SIGE013 level-7 CMOS process parameters such as its performance analysis and verification in tunable voltage-mode first-order all-pass filter and high-Q & high-gain voltage-mode multiple-feedback second-order band-pass filter are included to confirm the theory. The superior performance of the proposed GVCPR is also proven by numeric Figure of Merit calculation.


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Yuce, E., Minaei, S., & Herencsar, N. (2014). Grounded Voltage Controlled Positive Resistor with Ultra Low Power Consumption. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 20(7), 45-50.