Indirect Measurement of Motor Current Derivatives in PMSM Sensorless Drives

  • L. Jarzebowicz Gdansk University of Technology
Keywords: Current measurement, sensorless control, signal sampling, space vector pulse width modulation, variable speed drives


Motor current derivatives contain useful information for control algorithms, especially in sensorless electric drives. The measurement of motor current derivatives in electric motors supplied by voltage source inverter can be performed using di/dt transducers. However, in such a solution additional sensors have to be installed, e.g. Rogowski coils. Another approach is to measure current derivatives indirectly – by oversampling the motor currents. In such a method special attention must be paid to determination of current sampling instants. Measurement triggering times must be recalculated in each voltage modulation period with regard to transistors switching. The paper presents different current sampling approaches. Considered oversampling algorithms were experimentally tested in sensorless PMSM drive. The impact of different sampling approaches on the accuracy of rotor position estimation has been discussed.


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Jarzebowicz, L. (2014). Indirect Measurement of Motor Current Derivatives in PMSM Sensorless Drives. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 20(7), 23-26.