Identification of Dependency among Energy Consumption and Wi-Fi Protocol Security Levels within the Prototype Module for the IoT

A. Venckauskas, N. Jusas, E. Kazanavicius, V. Stuikys


In this paper, we present an approach to design the prototype module for the Internet of Things (IoT), which is based on using the Wi-Fi protocol. The aim is to investigate and identify some properties of the module such as dependency among energy consumption and security levels. The contribution of the paper is the configurable IoT prototype module enabling to provide wide-scale experiments to obtain energy-security dependencies for various modes of the IoT applications. We also present the design process, the structure and behaviour of the whole system, and a methodology for energy measurement. We compare the obtained results in two different modes: ideal (without effect of noises to functionality of the module) and real (with noises presented within real communication environment).



Internet; wireless networks; information security; energy consumption

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731