Generic Losses Model for Traditional Inverters and Neutral Point Clamped Inverters

  • V. Minambres-Marcos Universidad de Extremadura
  • M. A. Guerrero-Martinez Universidad de Extremadura
  • E. Romero-Cadaval Universidad de Extremadura
  • M. I. Milanes-Montero Universidad de Extremadura
Keywords: Power system modelling, multilevel systems, inverters


This paper presents a model of two very common inverters, a traditional inverter and neutral point clamped inverter, for calculating the losses in function of the parameters of the inverter datasheet. The model allows simulating the inverter branch under any conditions, not only nominal sinusoidal, and monitoring its losses at the same time, so the most significant parameters could be determined in losses terms. The optimization of the losses in inverters could create an important energy saving since it is present in most of the power applications, mainly renewable energies. Obviously, the model is based on the electrical equations of both semiconductors inverters so the mathematical development is exposed. Finally, the model is validated by solving the equations analytically together with the model simulation under nominal sinusoidal environment.