Acceleration of Recursive Data Sorting over Tree-based Structures

  • D. Mihhailov Tallinn University of Technology
  • A. Sudnitson Tallinn University of Technology
  • V. Sklyarov University of Aveiro
  • I. Skliarova University of Aveiro


The main objective of this paper is to evaluate and improve FPGA-based digital circuits, which implement recursive specifications.Recursive sorting algorithms over binary trees are considered as a case study to evaluate and demonstrate new techniques and theiradvantages. Since recursive calls are not directly supported by hardware description languages, they are implemented using the model ofa hierarchical finite state machine (HFSM). The paper presents analysis and comparison of alternative and competitive techniques fordescribing recursive algorithms in hardware. The experimental results demonstrate that the proposed innovations allow to achieve betterperformance. Obviously, the results of this paper are not limited to recursive sorting alone. They have a wider scope and can be appliedeffectively to numerous systems that implement recursive algorithms over tree-based data structures. Ill. 8, bibl. 10, tabl. 2 (in English;abstracts in English and Lithuanian).