An algorithm for the welding torch weaving control of arc welding robot

Wen Liang Zhu, Fu-sheng NI, Cao-gen HONG


The teaching learning method is generally applied in six DOF (degrees of freedom) robot programming. However, for complicated weaving welding, there is a drawback using this method. That is that numerous  teaching control points are needed in the programming. Based on the theory of coordinate transformation, the purpose of this paper was to address this drawback by utilizing an algorithm for the welding torch weaving control. This algorithm includes the novel formulation to calculate the tracking position, and can produce an accurate and continuous weaving path along various weld lines. The teaching programming can easily determine these weld lines which contain few teaching points. Therefore, this algorithm can reduce the programming time for the robotic welding application. A lot of experiments have been done to validate the algorithm. The experimental results show that the weaving control algorithm is correct and can produce various weaving paths.



Six DOF robot, Arc welding, Weaving welding, Coordinate transformation, Control algorithm, Industrial implementation.

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731