Autonomous Monitoring System for Measurement of Parameters of Heat Collection Technology at Thermal Active Mining Dumps

  • M. Pies VSB TU Ostrava
  • R. Hajovsky VSB TU Ostrava
  • S. Ozana VSB TU Ostrava
Keywords: Data processing, gas detectors, remote monitoring, temperature measurement, wireless sensor networks


The paper deals with the problems of development, construction and testing of a special autonomous system for long-term monitoring of environmental signals which are crucial for appropriate functionality of heat collection technology at thermal active mining dumps. Pilot project for heat collection are implemented at old mining dumps in Moravian-Silesian region, particularly at the Hedvika and the EMA mining dumps, as well as at the OZO municipal waste dump. The paper gives a description of autonomous system including definition of its particular modules. It also presents pieces of information gathered during construction, calibration and launching the system under real conditions. Last but not least, it tackles the technology of heat collection that uses the entire system and thus provides very unique data sets for consequent data processing.