Viseme Recognition System Based on Transformed Acoustic Models

  • A. Zgank Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications
  • Z. Kacic Institute of Electronics and Telecommunications
Keywords: Automatic speech recognition, hidden Markov models, human computer interaction, viseme modeling


Viseme recognition from speech is one of the methods needed to operate a talking head system, which can be used in various areas, such as mobile services and applications, gaming, the entertainment industry, and so on. This paper proposes a novel method for generating acoustic models for viseme recognition from speech. The viseme acoustic models were generated using transformations from trained phoneme acoustic models. The proposed transformation method is language-independent; only the available speech resources are needed. The viseme sequence with corresponding time information was produced as a result of recognition using context-dependent acoustic models. The evaluation of the proposed acoustic models’ transformation method was carried out on a test scenario with phonetically balanced words, in which the results were compared to the baseline viseme recognition system. The improvement in viseme accuracy was statistically significant when using the proposed method for transforming acoustic models.


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Zgank, A., & Kacic, Z. (2013). Viseme Recognition System Based on Transformed Acoustic Models. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 19(9), 93-96.