Novel Oscillator Based on Voltage and Current-Gain Adjusting Used for Control of Oscillation Frequency and Oscillation Condition

  • R. Sotner Brno University of Technology
  • J. Jerabek Brno University of Technology
  • W. Jaikla King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabag
  • N. Herencsar Brno University of Technology
  • K. Vrba Brno University of Technology
  • T. Dostal Brno University of Technology, College of Polytechnics Jihlava
Keywords: Electronic control, oscillator, adjustable current amplifier, current follower/inverter, adjustable voltage amplifier


The paper deals with novel controllable oscillator where two types of electronic control are used. Proposed second-order circuit contains current follower, adjustable current amplifier, adjustable voltage amplifier, two resistors and two grounded capacitors. Oscillation frequency is tuned by voltage gain of used voltage amplifier that is represented by high-frequency voltage-mode multiplier. Oscillation condition is automatically regulated by current gain of the adjustable current amplifier which is based on current-mode multiplier. Experimental results confirmed workability of the circuit.