Closed-Loop Speed Control of PM-BLDC Motor Fed by Six Step Inverter and Effects of Inertia Changes for Desktop CNC Machine

  • I. Topaloglu Karatekin University
  • F. Korkmaz Karatekin University
  • H. Mamur Karatekin University
  • R. Gurbuz Karatekin University
Keywords: Closed loop systems, permanent magnet machines, position control, variable speed drives


The brushless DC motors with permanent magnets (PM-BLDC) are widely used in a miscellaneous of industrial applications. Usually, these applications are characterized by relatively high torque ripples. In this study, closed-loop speed control of PM-BLDC motor fed by six step inverter for desktop CNC machine investigated. Motor has 3 phases, 0.0089 kg/m2 /0.00091 kg/m2 changes inertia moment, 0.005 viscous damping, 3000 rpm reference speed, 4 poles and trapezoidal back EMF wave form. Inverter has 3 bridge arms, snubber resistance 5000 ohms, snubber capacitance 1 uF. Developed speed control PM-BLDC motor use in desktop CNC machine. Also simulated on MATLAB and results are presented in the study.