Concept of Intelligent Solid-State Street Lighting Technology

P. Vitta, L. Dabasinskas, A. Tuzikas, A. Petrulis, D. Meskauskas, A. Zukauskas


Street and road lighting consumes about ~2 % of global electric power and the trade-off between energy saving and social needs for traffic safety, crime prevention, aesthetic comfort, etc. has to be established. A wide range investigation of an intelligent solid-state street lighting system prototype equipped with LED-based luminaires, motion sensors and microcontrollers with power-line-communication interfaces was performed under real outdoor conditions. The two-level and two-zone street illumination method was implemented basing on psychophysical investigation. The decrease of efficiency under the dimming conditions and significant electromagnetic interference in the frequency range of tens and hundreds MHz were identified as limiting factors of conventional current regulating ICs and the necessity of further improvement was pointed out.



Light emitting diodes; energy consumption; algorithm design and analysis; electromagnetic interference

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Print ISSN: 1392-1215
Online ISSN: 2029-5731