Fractional Channel Estimation and Equalization for MIMO Systems

  • Simranjit Singh Punjabi University, UCOE, Punjabi University
  • Rajesh Khanna Thapar University
  • Manjeet Singh Patterh Punjabi University
Keywords: Channel estimation, equalization, FRFT, MIMO


In this paper, a novel method for joint channel estimation and equalization based on fractional Fourier transform is presented for block faded MIMO systems. The channel response is obtained at the receiver by sending known training symbols along with the data. The channel state information (CSI) obtained from the received training symbols is used for equalization. Therefore, the equalization process depends on the quality of channel estimation. The proposed technique performs the channel estimation and equalization in the optimum fractional domain outperforming the conventional time domain estimation and equalization technique. For a 2x2 MIMO system the proposed fractional domain technique gives SNR advantage of 1.67 dB over the existing technique.