Investigation of Heat Transfer of Electronic System through Utilization of Novel Computation Algorithms

  • P. Spanik University of Zilina
  • J. Cuntala University of Zilina
  • M. Frivaldsky University of Zilina
  • P. Drgona University of Zilina


This paper deals with the development of methodology suited for design of computation algorithm which is able to determine power losses of electronic systems based on measured temperature distribution - thermovision measurement. The scope of application would be focused mostly on consumer electronics, where temperature distribution and its maximal value on the surface of investigated system is critical for end consumer. Through application of the proposed algorithm it will be more simple to optimize thermal management of investigated system. Even though, the algorithm shall also be able to used for industrial applications like power supply systems - DC/DC, AC/DC converters. In this paper, first the current tendencies in the field of power loss estimation will be described. Next, the proposed methodology together with proposal of testing model is described. Finally application of two approaches of computational algorithms on proposed testing system will be done together with evaluation of results and their comparisons with results from precise simulation tools (COMSOL 3.5a) of thermal processes will also be provided. Ill. 8, bibl. 4 (in English; abstracts in English and Lithuanian).