Determination of Direct-Axis Synchronous Reactance of Synchronous Machine

  • S. Gecys Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • A. Janickis
  • P. Kostrauskas
  • G. Rinkevicius


The new method for experimental determination of direct-axis synchronous reactance for synchronous machine is suggested. This method evaluates active resistance of armature winding and iron saturation. Measuring parameters at minimum active load of synchronous machine are: armature phase electromotive force, voltage, current, active resistance angle of power factor, angle between current and electromotive force complexes. The special measuring winding is placed in slots of synchronous machine in order to measure the electromotive force. The configuration coils of measuring winding have correspond to the chosen phase of armature winding in order to the winding factors of measuring winding and armature winding will be the same. Power factor is measured with phasemeter. The argument of electromotive force complex is determined with vectormeter. The argument of armature current complex is determined in this way. The voltage from active standard resistance armature phase is supplied to the vectormeter which shows the signal drop. The angle between current and electromotive force complexes the difference between the arguments of electromotive force complex and armature current complex.