The Magneticreactive Effect in Transistors for Construction Transducers of Magnetic Field

  • V. S. Osadchuk
  • A’. V. Osadchuk


In the given article the method of build-up of radiomeasuring transducers of a magnetic field on a basis magneticreactive effect in bipolar and field-effect transistors is offered. It is shown, that change of a reactive component of a complete resistance from induction density on electrodes a source - drain of a field-effect transistor makes 0,6 Ohm/mT, and for the bipolar transistor on electrodes the emitter-collector - 12,5 Ohm/mT. Such changes of reactive components of a complete resistance are essential, that confirms an opportu-nity of practical application of these effects for making microelectronic radiomeasuring transducers. The circuit of the transducer of a magnetic field on field-effect transistors which sensitivity makes from 510 up to 3500 Hz/mT is offered. Ill. 3, bibl. 8 (in English; ab-stracts in English and Lithuanian).