A Wire Electrode inside Parallelepipedicaly-Shaped Ground Inhomogeneity: Comparison of Two Solutions

  • N. N. Cvetkovic University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Serbia
Keywords: Grounding, moment methods, resistance, nonhomogeneous media


The results for the resistance of the wire electrode inside parallelepipedicaly-shaped domain surrounded with homogeneous ground obtained by one recently proposed procedure for modeling described structure are compared with recently published results realized applying one new hybrid boundary element method. The first approach is based on the approximating system wire-parallelepiped with one wire conductor off equivalent length and cross-section radius. The hybrid method is based on equivalent electrodes method and point matching method applied on matching values for potential of wire electrode and normal component of electric field on the boundary surface between conductive media. The quasi-stationary approach is applied.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.eee.19.5.1845

Author Biography

N. N. Cvetkovic, University of Nis, Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Serbia
Department of Theoretical Electrical Engineering, Assistant Professor