Investigation of Optical Properties of Submicrometer Lithographic Structures

  • D. Jucius
  • V. Grigaliūnas
  • M. Margelevičius


Technologies for production of original surface microstructures are complex and expensive. It is not suitable for high volume industrial production. Major technologies for replication of surface relief structures are hot embossing, UV casting and injection molding. Investigations of replicas of a two-dimensional photonic band gap grating and a triangular groove grating having a submicrometer period show that diffraction intensity of the 1-st spectral order decrease less than 8%. Diffraction intensity for copies made by using UV casting decrease 10% for two-dimensional grating and 15 - 26% for triangular groove grating. Both methods of replication allow an uniform enough reproduction of microstructures over all surface. During copying process symmetry of optical properties of two-dimensional grating is maintained very well and change of bounds of 1-st spectral order do not exceeds 1,5° .
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Jucius, D., Grigaliūnas, V., & Margelevičius, M. (2000). Investigation of Optical Properties of Submicrometer Lithographic Structures. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 27(4). Retrieved from