Topographic Distribution of Passive Electric Properties in the Rabbit's Right Atrium

  • A. Bytautas


In this study it was made attempt to find out values of parameters of intercellular coupling in sinoatrial nodal zone, from internal surface of rabbit’s heart by total investigation of passive electric properties. By using experimentally measured tissue input resistance Rin and distribution of electrotone near the suction electrode, maps of topographic distribution of Rin and l in the right atrium of the rabbit's heart were devised. Additionally, by using the model anisotropic electric properties (ae=lx/ly) and the direction of best electrotonic spread (ETGSK) were calculated. It was found that in the area of true pacemaker locations Rin is significantly larger, l is smaller and anisotropy is insignificant. During the measurements, pathways of better electrotonic spread were found.
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