Acoustoectric Interaction in Layered Structure with Ion Selective Electrode

  • R. Giriuniene Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • E. Garska


There has been investigated acoustoelectric interaction in layered structure piezoelectric - liquid - semiconductor. The interface of semiconductive p-Si is covered with ion-selective membrane. It has been found that the response time of the electrode covers a very wide time - scale depending on concentration of the ion to which the electrode responds, and time is very similar to duration of the response time measured by other methods in various studies. In addition, it was investigated the electrode suit ability for measurement of active ions' concentration in solution or solution pH using non-traditional, acoustoectrical method. Results shows a good application of such method in pH measurement in concentration range of (10-2×10-4)M/ltr and in nitrate ions' concentration range of (0,1÷3× )M/ltr . The of solution that the measurements require is very small, even a little drop might suffice.