Unbalanced Magnetic Pull in Electrical Motors for Geophysical Devices

  • S. Gecys Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • A. Simutis


Electrical motors for geophysical devices operate under extreme conditions (high medium temperature, up to +2500C, hydrostatic pressure up to 210 MPa, operating medium - non-conducting liquid, limited power supply circuit, etc). For these conditions specially were created the capasitive asynchronous motors with solid ferromagnetic or double-layer rotors that are used for drives in geophysical devices. The expression of unbalanced magnetic pull in capasitive asynchronous motors for geophysical devices evaluating the magnetic resistance of front ends is presented. The constant component of unbalanced magnetic pull may be used as a diagnostic parameter for control of static eccentricity in capasitive asynchronous motors for geophysical devices.