Fixed Temperature Heat Sensor

  • J. Verkelis Kauno technologijos universitetas
  • Z. Bliznikas
  • K. Breive
  • V. Dikinis


The sensing element of fixed temperature, based on the thin layer of a vanadium dioxide is presented in this paper. The construction of the sensing element and technology of the production of the layer of a vanadium dioxide on the surface of various substrates is discussed. The results of research of the resistance of the various layers in dependence on the temperature are presented. The materials and construction of the presented sensing element were chosen with reference to the results of this research. Current - voltage characteristic, the characteristic of the dependence of the resistance and the switching voltage on temperature are presented. It is suggested, that such sensing element can register the critical velocity of increasing of the temperature, the maximum of the temperature in the range from ~+18°C to ~+60°C and has a memory capability of registration of the event of the increasing of the temperature to the maximum. This could be achieved by choosing the elements of construction and parameters of the regime in the electric network of the sensing element. The presented sensing element could be used in the equipment of fire protection and control systems.