Mining Shaft Inspection by Laser Photogrammetry

  • David Vala David Vala Department of Department of Cybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, VSB - Technical University of Ostrava
  • Zdenek Slanina
  • Wojciech Walendziuk
Keywords: Photogrammetry, LED, mining shaft profile, intrinsic safety


One of the most important tasks in the area of mining safety is the inspection of vertical mining shaft. Geological processes in the rock mass rise problems with all used mining components over a long-term period. There is a possibility of occurrence of an equipment deformation or destruction in all directions (there are installed pipelines, cables, long vertical linear guidance, etc. inside a shaft). Periodical inspection of mining shaft profile and its analysis are necessary to ensure a safe transport both of the material and especially staff. Base of the solution of this problem lies in the use of contactless measurement methods of the profile, such as photogrammetry described in this article. First it gives a description of photogrammetry problem, pros and cons of proposed implementation with solid state LED or LASER LED used as light sources (instead of xenon flash tube) as well as flash timing and control and spectral distribution of the light. Then computer analysis of mining shaft profile as a part of rapid diagnostics is described.