New Current-Mode Class 1 Frequency-Agile Filter for Multi Protocol GPS Application

  • Mesut Atasoyu Istanbul Technical University
  • Bilgin Metin Metin
  • Hakan Kuntman
  • Norbert Herencsar


Recently, due to their cost, accuracy, and integrability of conventional current-mode (CM) on-chip integrated filters working in radio frequency region, frequency-agile filters (FAFs) have started taking great interest in multi-standard transceivers, encrypted communication, cognitive radio, software defined radio structures, and global positioning system applications. By following the most recent trend in the literature, this paper proposes the first class 1 CM FAF using high-performance analog building block so-called positive-type electronically controllable second-generation current conveyor (ECCII+), two resistors, and two grounded capacitors. The theory and the proposed 2nd-order CM FAF are supported by both regular and post-layout simulations performed using CADENCE Spectre tool with TSMC 0.18 µm level-49 CMOS technology process BSIM3v3 parameters. Furthermore, corner and Monte-Carlo analyses are given to prove the accuracy of centre frequency of the CM FAF.