Possibility of Load Balancing in Middle Voltage Network with the Use of Active Power Filter

  • Marcin Habrych Wroclaw University of Technology
  • Grzegorz Wisniewski
  • Bogdan Miedzinski
  • Julian Wosik
  • Artur Kozlowski


The paper discusses the impact of unbalanced load on the MV network performance on the example of the power induction furnace for melting metals in the ironwork, demonstrating the ineffectiveness of so far used symmetrization system developed by Steinmetz. Presents the new concept of application of an active power filter (APF) controlled by algorithm based on CPC theory. To confirm the efficiency of such a way of solution the appropriate simulation analyses followed by studies on a physical model of the nonlinear, unbalanced load supplied from MV power network of 6kV were carried out. On the basis of the investigated results the suitable, practical conclusions have been formulated.

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5755/j01.eee.21.5.13319