Optical-mechanical equipment for the defect-free production of reticles

  • S. Avakaw Unitary Enterprise “KBTEM-OMO”
  • V. Jarsky Unitary Enterprise “KBTEM-OMO”
  • S. Karpovich Unitary Enterprise “KBTEM-OMO”
  • A. Tsitko Unitary Enterprise “KBTEM-OMO”


The paper presents an integrated solution of a problem to develop a set of the equipment for the defect-free production of reticles and photomasks. The integrated approach to the equipment design allows to obtain certain advantages disclosed below. Accordingly, the paper highlights the following main issues: practical realization of these advantages in the special process equipment developed by the KBTEM-OMO enterprise; advantages in the development of a complete set of the special process equipment. Without taking into account technical and chemical processes, this complete set includes three component parts: Multi-beam laser pattern generator; Die-to- Database reticle inspection system; Laser reticle repair system. Ill. 1, tabl. 6, bibl. 3 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).