Location Based Services

  • V. Liutkauskas Kaunas University of Technology
  • D. Matulis Kaunas University of Technology
  • R. Plėštys Kaunas University of Technology


The overview of various location solutions such GSM and others technology represents in this paper. In the process of developinglocation based services are involved mobile network operators and the companies that produce the equipment and software. The mainconcerns about regulations are “privacy requirements” and “third party access to location data. The peculiarity of emergency callservices affects the rights for life and health protection override right for privacy. Requirements for location accuracy and latency arevery depending on the environment (rural, urban) and on the situation (ability of the caller to provide information). The associatedaccuracy requirements are approximately 150 m in urban environment and 500 m in suburban and rural environments. The caller'sposition must be available within 30 seconds of call initiation. Another important market sector is represented by the personal security.People belonging to determined risk groups can combine medical sensors monitoring some vital functions with automatic emergencyrequest to the dedicated call centre in case of detected anomalies or devices malfunctions. Ill.1, bibl.10 (in English; summaries inLithuanian, English and Russian).