Synthesis of the Matched Load for the Lumped Lossy Transmission Line

  • E. Hermanis Laboratory “Vide”


Complex characteristic impedance has lossy lines. Surface effect (Skin effect) influences the frequency properties of conductors(linear resistance and inductance); the mobility of charges in the insulator creates the frequency dependent losses of dielectrics and thedependence of linear capacity on the frequency. If the signal receiver, as a load, is not matched to the line, the connecting of thisreceiver will cause a reflected signal. Reflection losses create noise and reduce signal strength in the receiver. To reduce this signalreflection at the receiver end an additional circuit can be connected to reduce said reflections and improve signal characteristics. In thesynthesis of filters and signal generators a linear step chain form can be used, where the impulse response of each link can berepresented by a corresponding Bessel function, if the chain is matched with its characteristic impedance. Ill. 6, bibl 8 (in English;summaries in Lithuanian, English and Russian).

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