Efficiency in Telecommunication Service Network

  • R. Gedmantas Kaunas University of Technology
  • D. Šinickas Kaunas University of Technology


Is proposed the method of estimation of the effectiveness in telecommunication services network (TSN). It is shown, which with building this TSN is insufficient to rationally distribute requirements for the reliability of individual devices. From the presented model evidently that with the estimation of the effectiveness of entire network necessary to consider the reliability of its constitutive devices and their connecting lines. It is shown, that the effectiveness of network determines several indices: mean times between nearest failure and average restore time of the hardware, software and the lines of communications; a quantity of possible ways for the services deliver in the network; the probability of the selection of these ways, and also the probability of the services deliver by the devices, when they are operational. Ill. 1, bibl. 4 (in Lithuanian; summaries in Lithuanian, English, Russian).

Author Biographies

R. Gedmantas, Kaunas University of Technology
D. Šinickas, Kaunas University of Technology
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Gedmantas, R., & Šinickas, D. (2004). Efficiency in Telecommunication Service Network. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 55(6). Retrieved from http://eejournal.ktu.lt/index.php/elt/article/view/10870