Enhanced Digital Signal Processing of Signal-dependently Sampled Data

  • M. Greitāns University of Latvia
  • I. Homjakovs University of Latvia


Asynchronous circuits receive now an increasing interest. Their promising advantages can play a significant role in future electronics' development. One of the factors, which delay the wide spread of the clock-less systems, is incompatibility with classical clock-driven analog to digital converters and processing algorithms. The new ADC approaches, which are based on signal-dependent sampling, are required, as well as convenient processing methods have to be developed. The paper presents the enhanced DFT-like algorithms derived from the idea to minimize the signal reconstruction error not only at sampling points, but also between them with the same accuracy. Two approaches for creating continuous time error function from its discrete values are investigated: 1) interpolation of signal samples; 2) interpolation of error samples. Level-crossing sampling has been used as an example for signal digitizing. Achieved advantages are demonstrated by simulations. Ill.7, bibl. 7 (in English; summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).

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