Kinescope Classification using Mathematical Statistics Methods

  • J. Kruopis Vilnius University
  • R. Levulienė Vilnius University
  • S. Grobovas AB „Ekranas”
  • A. Vaišvila AB „Ekranas”


The product classification possibilities using technological characteristics, product parameter measurements and information supplied by users are presented in this paper. The classification rule using logistic regression methods was obtained by comparing data arrays of reclamation and non-reclamation items. The precision of proposed rule was discussed. The proposed method was applied to classify colour kinescopes at joint-stock company “Ekranas” in Panevėžys. These methods could be applied to the other products, if the system for gathering and storing information about each product exists. Bibl. 5 (in Lithuanian; summaries in Lithuanian, English and Russian).

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Kruopis, J., Levulienė, R., Grobovas, S., & Vaišvila, A. (2005). Kinescope Classification using Mathematical Statistics Methods. Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 61(5), 42-48. Retrieved from