Robust Time Reversal-based Transmit Optimization for Green Heterogeneous Networks

  • Ha-Vu Ha-Vu Tran Kyung Hee University
  • Dac-Binh Ha Duy Tan University
  • Hieu Nguyen Nanyang Technological University
  • Een-Kee Hong Kyung Hee University
Keywords: Heterogeneous network, beamforming, optimization, time reversal, channel estimation error, SINR.


Time reversal (TR) beamforming, considered as one of most prominent linear precoders, has showed the feasibility in conventional communications. In this paper, we propose the TR-based transmit optimization for heterogeneous networks (HetNets) where multiple femtocells apply TR precoders over frequency selective channels, with the signal-to-inference-plus-noise ratio (SINR) and interference constraints at single-antenna femtocell user devices. In multi-femtocell network environments, we exhibit that TR outperforms the well-known zero-forcing beamforming. Particularly, we focus on the practical case of imperfect channel estimation at femtocell base stations. The robust optimization methodology is hence devised by taking into account the average effect of channel estimation error (CEE) on system performance. Under the assumption of estimation error in time-varying channels, we derive the exact closed-form expressions of the desired signal, inter-symbol interference (ISI), inter-user interference (IUI), co- and cross-layer interference terms, respectively. These derivations allow us to tackle the proposed robust algorithm by convex optimization techniques. In final, numerical results are shown to confirm the validation of our proposal.