Acoustic Spectrum Analysis of Genuine and Counterfeit Euro Coins

  • Alina Gavrijaseva Tallinn University of Technology
  • Olev Martens Tallinn University of Technology
  • Raul Land Tallinn University of Technology
Keywords: Acoustic signal, spectrum analysis, modal analysis, real and counterfeit coins.


In this paper acoustic signal spectrum analysis using FFT and modal analysis based coin validation methods for authentic and counterfeit coins has been presented and investigated. For acoustical coin validation spectrum analysis has found to work well. Optimal parameters and methods for time-spectrum co-analysis has been estimated and discussed.

In addition, the modal analysis for acoustic signals of coins has been implemented, the results of which has been presented and provide the authentication of the coin even with close acoustical signal spectrum. Proposed solutions has been implemented in Matlab and tested on real euro coins with denomination 50 cent, 1- and 2-euro, providing by first evaluations cost efficiency with high reasonable accuracy of described solutions.

The counterfeited coins with domination of 2 euro have been tested with acoustical spectrum analysis and modal analysis evaluated in Matlab. The presented results provide the authentication of euro coins with high accuracy.