Computer-Aided Ergonomics Methods in Design

  • R. Kurila Kaunas University of Technology
  • V. Milukienė Kaunas University of Technology


The aim of this paper is to give an overview about the fields of ergonomics where computer-aided Ergonomics methods have been developed and to present experiences and possibilities how computer-aided ergonomics may benefit the implementation of ergonomics and safety expertise. Computer systems have been developed to analyze and to improve workplace structures, man-machine systems, production information systems, working methods and operator instructions. The major Computer-Aided Ergonomics tools may be categorized as computer-based checklists for design quality analysis, program packages for computer-aided safety and reliability analysis; knowledge-based expert systems in ergonomics and safety; ergonomic oriented information systems for workplace designers; computer models of man, and computer-based tools for evaluation and design of manual materials handling tasks. Il. 3, bibl. 14 (in English; summaries in Lithuanian, English and Russian).

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