Rating the Colour Quality of the Solid-stateWhite Light Lamps

  • V. Viliūnas Vilnius University
  • H. Vaitkevičius Vilnius University
  • Z. Bliznikas Vilnius University
  • K. Breivė Vilnius University


The colour rendering index (CRI), the flattery index (FI), the gamut area index (GAI), and the number of rendered colours (NRC) are estimated for the gamut of metameric Solid- state white light lamps based on two sets of multi-chips light emitting diodes (LED). It is shown that the manipulating on the spectral composition of multi-chips LED white light lamps without altering the visual appearance of the lighted environment makes the colour rendering indices to change. This is more evidence if the intensities of LEDs are changing for LEDs’ with the peak wavelengths in a long wave range than for LEDs’ with the peak wavelengths in a short wave range. The increase of the intensity of the red LED in the metameric LED lamps reduces CRI, FI and NRC, and enlarges GAI. There is no obvious difference between the CRI and FI and tendency of changing CRI and NRC in the metameric LED light sources. Ill. 4, bibl. 12 (in English, summaries in English, Russian and Lithuanian).